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Personal space during communicating differs depending on the situation and the closeness of the relationship. For example a doctor telling a patient that they need bloods and an MRI scan.

Gestures are a large part of communication as we wave to greet someone and also use our hands when arguing or speaking energetically. Argon — when a professional or care worker uses Qcf3 301 language that the client might not understand.

Mandatory Units Unit 1: Communication can define the difference between good and poor service within an adult social care setting. It would be easier and less confusing for the client to explain that they need to take some blood and do some simple tests.

Abbie Liffen Unit Principles of communication in adult social care settings Outcome 1 Understand why effective communication is important in adult social care settings 1.

For certain cultures woman have their faces covered this could also be a barrier because if they communicate the other individual may not be able to hear them especially If they have a hearing impairment. When you respond to someone it shows that you are listening to them, which then shows that you understand are interesting in what they are saying and that you are interpreting it correctly.

QCF Level 3

Culture differences - when the same thing means different things in two cultures, communication can be difficult.

Past experiences can also have a great effect. If the client does not have the capacity to answer questions about their care plan or for finances, you could use an advocacy service.

Touching is a very important part of communication. If it is a service user than you have just met, you would adjust the way you speak to them.

If you need any further information or advice about confidentiality then you could ask your office to see their confidentiality policy and procedure. There is also a section on our ADL form where we find out if there are any speech problems, if so do they need a SALT referral, also if there are any hearing barriers and if there are any aids in place.

You can use physical space to communicate many different nonverbal messages, including signals of intimacy and affection or aggression and dominance.

It is a basic requirement of my job role to communicate with individuals, their families and other members of staff on a daily basis. How to establish consent when providing care or support 4. If need be ask someone to mediate so that there is a second opinion. Distressed and emotional — If someone is distressed or emotional, they may find it hard to communicate especially if they are tearful, this may be because they are focussing on what has upset them 3.

For example if you were being sarcastic, the tone in your voice may change whereas over text, a picture message would make it clearer. If you are sending out emails etc. This would be easier than explaining what an MRI scan is or why they need to take blood. It is important that the client gives permission for you to touch them and not to enter Qcf3 301 personal space as this may make them feel uncomfortable and make them withdraw from communication.

Just because one group from a particular background does something it does not necessarily mean everybody from that country will do it and vice versa.

They have thought you how to communicate, they have also shared their experiences and knowledge. Delegates will need to put together a portfolio of evidence demonstrating that they can achieve the course objectives to the required standard. If it is a language barrier, you could look into changing the regular care worker to someone that knows the specific language.

You could also send the email to selective care workers that the subject involves. Working relationships in health and social care 2. If need be ask someone to mediate so that there is a second opinion. You can maintain confidentiality by ensuring that written and electronic information cannot be accessed by unauthorised people.

When learning a new language you may find it easier to learn one aspect of communication such as written rather than verbal due to accents. The WebMD Symptom Checker is designed to help you understand what your medical symptoms could mean, and provide you with the trusted information you need to help make informed decisions in your.

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A state of fair treatment that is the right of all the people regardless of differences in, for example, culture. Unit Health and Social Care Diploma Level 3 Essay; Unit Health and Social Care Diploma Level 3 Essay. Words Jul 30th, 7 Pages. Unit Outcome 1 People communicate to show their needs, to share opinions they have.

Effective communication can build strong relationships and create good social rapports.


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Qcf3 301
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